A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

so here's the catch. ur in my school and some familiar figure did a bit of aaaaaaa....

anyways this game is pretty straight forward. survive as long as u can in my thingy infested school. it's kinda like cod zombies but i didn't rip anything off. i changed the homework a bit.

show me what can u do? how long would u last?

enjoy the game

and here's a video for those who want help in the game


VAGUE.zip 95 MB


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Note : i realized that this game had a lot of issues because i rushed it before school starts and had nobody to test it for me so most of the stuff were optimized for me personally. I'll maybe upload a video on youtube showcasing some tips and tricks but after that I'm done with this game.... The part 2 might take a lot of time to make but I'm not rushing it this time and i'll try to have some people to test it. overall I'm trying to not repeat the same mistakes i made on this one.


The game is nice in general and the monster AI is nice. But it is ridiculous difficult. You will play 10 seconds you run out of ammo, you reload very slow and the bigger monster not die with this water pistol you have.

So the player will lose once, twice, and after 10th times will become boring. You loose the interest to replay it. You need to make the monsters more balanced, you need in the first level or at least if this counts on seconds and waves, you should  have smaller waves of monsters and the player find some better weapon and not fire the bigger monster 100 times and never dies.

What is the goal of the game to make the player die quickly and get bored?

Nice atmosphere, nice idea, scary environment but no replayability at all, you die very quickly  too much you loose your interest.

You need to make the player have an interest in a game not repel them.

there are ammo boxes in the map and ur not supposed to kill the big guy with the water pistol, u have to get another gun by flipping the switches. yes its ridiculous but thats the only thing i came up with. i might make a youtube vid showcasing the gameplay

I cant seem to kill the big enemies, do they not take damage?

they do take damage... flip all switches for smg to kill them faster